3 Benefits of Temporary Tattoos

For decades tattoos have been considered counter-culture cool. They often identify members of groups and millions of people wear tattoos that express feelings or commemorate special events. Unfortunately, conventional tattoos are permanent and painful to apply. With that in mind, suppliers who provide temporary tattoos are attracting customers who want to try out various designs before committing to one. Applying non-permanent tattoos is also easy and painless.

It is Easy to Remove Non-Permanent Tattoos

Every year thousands of people go through a painful process to have permanent tattoos removed. Many had them added when they were very young or after a hard night of partying. Professionals get many requests to erase tattoos with the names of ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. Technicians might use excision, dermabrasion, or laser treatments in the removal process and all processes can have side effects. That is why customers who are considering permanent tattoos often try temporary versions first. They can choose from hundreds of designs, making it far more likely they will be happy with lasting versions.

Getting Tattooed Doesn’t Hurt

Tattoo artists use needles to create permanent designs. They inject color under the skin and the process can take a long time for elaborate images. The application is painful and customers must avoid exposing tattoos to the sun for weeks. Many do not mind the pain or inconvenience, but opt for temporary designs because they dislike the idea of needles. In comparison, users can apply non-permanent tattoos in minutes without discomfort or restrictions. Quality products are waterproof, last 3-8 days, and can be removed using soap and water.

There Are No Health Risks

Choosing short-term tattoos also eliminates dangers associated with permanent designs. Any time needles are used in a process, there is some risk. Although established tattoo artists use hygienic procedures, clients can still develop allergies. If they do not follow care instructions, infections may develop. FDA approved non-permanent tattoos use color additives that are safe for direct contact with skin.

Non-permanent tattoos are often used as wearable art that is easy to add and remove. Some users try out a variety of temporary designs before committing to permanent tattoos that can be painful to erase. Temporary designs are also safe and do not pose the health risks associated with applying permanent tattoos.

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