What fashion design game is ultimate for a young toddler on the Nintendo DS Lite?

Query by Mother In Schooling: What fashion design recreation is most desirable for a young toddler on the Nintendo DS Lite?
My daughter is five and her colossal brother has DS that she actually enjoys. We are pondering about getting her a person for Christmas. She wants a fashion design game and brought up Visualize Trend Designer. I want to know if that is appropriate and hassle-free plenty of for her to do on her very own. I would also like some other possible choices for a fashion design recreation that would be reliable for her.

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Reply by nhemanda
My vogue studio is further effortless and convenient AND enjoyable than imagine Manner designer, it incredibly was Really difficult and all these menus for absolutely nothing.

It was a terrible activity and “my manner studio” in reality redeemed the company in query.

So go with “my manner studio” not think of fashion designer!

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