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Top Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Spark Plug

You may be planning to install a new spark plug in your vehicle. These days there are different designs of the spark plug. Using the spark plug has many benefits. For example, the spark plug helps to increase the fuel efficiency, improve the acceleration and the response of the engine, reducing the risk of damages in the engine smothering engine idle, enhancing the reliability and many more. When you need to buy the spark plug, you should ensure that you make the right choice. There are many things you need to look at that will help you in selecting the right spark plug a discussed in this article.
First, you need to begin by checking at the type of the spark plug. There are different types of the spark plug that include copper, platinum, double platinum and iridium. Therefore, ensure that you research more about the different types of spark plug to know the ideal one for the best performance of the engine.
You need to check at the brand when making the selection of the ideal spark plug. You are supposed to research on the different brands of the spark plug. Ensure that you find a well-known brand. This is an indication that the brands sell high-quality products that are durable.
Check at the price to determine the right spark plug to buy. The different spark plugs have different prices. This will depend on different brands and sellers. You are supposed to take your time and do more research to ensure that you get the high-quality spark plug. You should avoid buying the cheaper spark plug since the quality will have been compromised. Choose for the ideal seller that will have the spark plug with the best performance and efficiency at a fair price.
You need to check at the materials when selecting the ideal spark plug for your car. You are supposed to search for the material that will suit your needs. When you have the most vehicles with the low distribution based ignition, then you are supposed to choose the copper material. For the modem engines that do not have distributors, you should pick the platinum spark plug. The platinum has a good performance and also longevity. Thus, ensure that you research the different materials so that you can find the right one that will meet your needs.
Consider the size to ensure that you find the ideal spark plug. It is vital that you know the ideal size of the spark plug that you will need. There are different sizes of the spark plug. Thus choose the size of the spark plug that will suit your engine.
Consider checking at the heat range to identify the ideal spark plug. The spark plug should have the best heat insulator for the best performance. The manufacture offers the different heat range of the spark plug with numbers. Some of the brands have the ascending numbers for the hotter spark plug and others will have the descending numbers for the cold spark plug.

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