What are some fantastic procedures to get into fashion design?

Issue by charlie6385: What are some great ways to get into fashion design?
I am into fashion design and structure my have dresses, but I’m not for totally sure what variety of route I needs to just take with college and speciality schools as nicely as with gaining my job revealed as soon as I deliver the results up a portfolio. How would I go about this? What are some elements that I can start off engaging in now that would be of perfect aid later? Any other help would be awesome. Thanks!

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properly this 12 months i did a reaseach for a occupation paper for a style designer and the to begin with detail u need to have is a portfolio of your most appropriate drawings like btwn ten and twenty…than you start looking at universities and they chekk out ur portfolio and they see if ur drawings are what they are seeking for and voilla!!!!!

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