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Essential Factors To Consider When Searching For A Good French Bulldog Breeder

These days, there are now so many of us who want to have a French bulldog due to its uniqueness. Although, there are now tons of breeders who breed this kind of dog, it would will be necessary to ensure that they are legit and trustworthy. To do so, we have listed down below some of the things that you have to consider when searching for a French bulldog breeder. Carry on reading to know what these things are.

If you want to ask a French bulldog breeder about the kind of dog you should get, they will ask you in return if you want a male or a female. Male and female French bulldogs are different in their characteristics and traits. If you want a more energetic dog, then you should get a male; get a female if you want a more relaxed dog. In other words, there are subtle behavioral differences between the two genders. With regards to the French bulldog breeder that you will approach, make sure that they are knowledgeable when it comes to breeding and cares for the puppies. We recommend you to do some online searching or even ask those who have tried speaking to one before for referrals and recommendations. Make it a point to ensure that you are careful when it comes to dealing with breeders that are offering dogs in abnormally low prices. This could be a sign that the puppy is unhealthy or sickly. To make sure that the puppy is healthy, you can ask the breeder to allow you to check the eyes. You must also check the parents of the French bulldog puppy to see if they are healthy. When the eyes of the puppy are read, that might mean that he or she is having some health problems.

It would be best for you to ask the dog breeder if the French bulldog puppy is suffering from any spinal problems or if it is already a common case for the puppy’s family to have back issues. You have to know this because purchasing an unhealthy and sickly pup will not be worthy of your money. We also suggest for you to look inside the mouth of the puppy to see if he or she us suffering from abnormal excess skin inside. You have to ask the breeder as well regarding the number of times the mother has littered or gave birth. According to experts, female French Bulldogs should only give birth once a year. There are times that they are advised to do so once every couple of years. If they have littered for more than once, that means that they are being over-bred. This could possibly result from health issues. Not only that, there goes the fact as well that you have to ask the breeder if the French bulldog puppies he has have been checked by a vet, and if they have had relevant vaccinations. If not, choose another breeder to purchase puppies from because this sort of thing is not handled by the buyer, but by the breeder itself. You have to ask the breeder to see the parents of the puppies. Although, you may not get the chance to see the father, but it is an absolute must for you to see the mother. This will give you some insights on the kind of dog your French bulldog puppies are going to grow into. In the event that the breeder refuses to let you see the mother, this means that they are hiding something from you. Walk away and search for another breeder that is open to all your inquiries and favors.

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