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A List Of Essential Wood Floor Finishing And Maintenance Products

Everyone loves to have their home looking classic. Wooden floors have for a long time been used to add a touch of class to homes. Since floors bear the brunt of everyday activities, they are prone to quick wear and tear. Proper floor finishing will go a long way in ensuring that the floors resist wear and tear for a long time and regular floor maintenance will help keep the floors looking as new. Proper wood floor finishing and maintenance can only be possible when you use the right products. This article outlines various products that you require for your wood floor finishing and maintenance.

Proper floor finishing requires that you use high quality conversion varnish. Conversion varnish is a clear drying topcoat which you can use on the wood finish. It is commonly used in wood projects that are highly used and take a lot of wear like bathroom vanities, commercial table tops, and wood floors. Good quality conversion varnish is easy to clean, durable and will keep your floor shining for long. When purchasing conversion varnish, you should go for a product that has nothing less than a five star rating.

The waterborne finish is also the other product that you can consider using in wood floor finishing. Waterborne finishes work just like conversion varnish except that it cleans up in water and adequately protects the wood surface. When going for waterborne finish, there are a variety of options to choose from. It is crucial that you understand the various waterborne finishes before purchasing. For instance, there are water borne finishes which provide high sheen to wood surfaces and those that provide an unfinished like appearance. Regardless of the type that you pick, it is crucial that you ensure you pick the ones that are of superior quality in the market.

Stains and filler products are also essential in floor finishing. They are used to iron out minor imperfections on finished floors. It is crucial that you pick floor stains and fillers which will perfectly match your wood floor so that it looks uniform and neat.

It is also vital that you have a maintenance mop for cleaning your wood floor. When your maintenance mop wears out, all you will need to do is to purchase maintenance mop pad refills instead of buying a new maintenance mop every time. You can purchase both a wet mop pad and a dry mop pad so that cleaning becomes easy.

You should also have necessary tools like the finishing brush and a mixing lid which are useful for floor finishing. The best finish brush is one which has longer bristles for better flow control and rollover. Its usage should also result in a smoother overall finish. It should also be easy to hold and control. When purchasing a mixing lid, make sure that it is solvent resistant, air-tight, is easy to clean up and contains a non-drip spout. You can also never go wrong when you buy a mixing lid that has an optional hand crank for easier handling.

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