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Women’s Devotional: Lessons From A Cupcake

Among the most lovable aspects of cupcakes is baking and decorating them. There are numerous cupcake recipe books with different decorating ideas. However, when you deeply think about it, everything all comes down to not how visually appealing or cute they are, but what comes to mind when people take a bite of them. It is basically a combination of flavor, appearance, scent and all in all, the cupcake’s qualities that make it good. The analogy of a good cupcake can be applied to our lives as good Christians.

The first thing anyone notices about a cupcake even before eating it is how it appears. More often than not, whenever mums bake cupcakes, their kids usually look over each one of them before picking one. They often take as much time as they require before picking the one most appealing to them. This is usually the cutest, biggest cupcake with the most icing on top. What is your appearance as a Christian? Do you show Christ’s love to others? Do you have your icing on just right? Do you bear the fruits of the spirit as required in our Christian lives?

The next thing most people consider when picking their cupcakes is its smell. Do they have a specific likeable scent? Do they have a burnt smell or a pleasing aroma? Similar to the cupcake, how do you smell as a Christian? Do you live your life as a Christian with a sweetsmelling savour or are you repugnant to people?

After picking your cupcake, as you bite it the first thing you are bound to notice is its sweetness. Most of us prefer enjoying our cupcakes sweet, after all it is what’s expected of them, right? If we wanted something that wasn’t as sweet, wed’ probably opt for a muffin. Generally, as Christians we are supposed to be sweet as well. Sweetness should be an aspect we are abundant in. It is expected of us to show Christ’s love to the world through our words and actions. Words and actions that lack sweetness do not promote the cause of Christ.

When biting the cupcake, another aspect we look out for is its flavor. What does the cupcake taste like? Does it contain any special ingredients, flavors, spices? Do all the ingredients collectively make the cupcake taste good? As Christians, we are also required to have plenty of well. If our lives do not portray the goodness of Christ, how can the world differentiate us from those that do not know Christ? Our flavor won’t be noticeable enough to them.

Cupcakes are particularly made to be easy to eat and handle. This is often the biggest distinguishing factor between a regular cake and a cupcake. No forks are required, just pick the cupcake in your hand and enjoy it. Cupcakes with plenty of beautiful decorations are very loveable and many people prefer making them that way, but they sometimes hinder people’s ability to just dive in and eat them. What about us as Christians? Are we easy to swallow? How do our actions come across to others? Are we easy to be around with others or can we only be handled in minute doses?

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