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Why is it Important to have Exceptional Customer Service?

In a number of companies, the function of customer service is just outside of sales channel because it’s deemed in some manner inferior to making sales. Yet, having exceptional customer service serves an integral function to the success of making sales. Without having good and exceptional customer service, there would be no repeat sales and repeat sales are the most productive revenue that a company could ever generate.

The process of selling will not be complete just because the customer mentioned that he/she will be buying your services or products. Throughout the entire process of selling, you should know how important it is to maintain goodwill even so after a successful transaction. It doesn’t matter what your customer previously feel towards your organization, the experience that they have after buying is going to create a huge impact on your sales in the future. Customer service is not just about completing a sale, it is reigniting the sales cycle and creating loyal customers down the road.

While customer service represents as the last element in various standard sales processes, it may be debated that it’s the first aspect in recurring sales process. There are several questions that you might want to ask to evaluate whether you have served exceptional customer service like for instance, did you ensure that the agreements are reached with customers really happen, did you try to make an upsell, did you ask for referrals, what records are maintained and kept, what feedback is received about how your customers benefit from the service and/or product offered, how you can improve customer service and so forth.

There are a number of scientific studies focusing on the value of customer service as well as its effect on the bottom line of repeat business. If companies know how much it truly costs to lose customers, then they will be able to make a more accurate assessment of investments that are designed in retaining customers. Over time, customers become profitable as distribution, referrals, reduced costs, increased sales and not to forget, the opportunity of up-selling everything is adding up to the bottom line.

Now, you may be wondering what actually is customer service. Some would think that it is just about being nice and smiling to your customers. Well, that is a start but it is more than that. Generally, it’s accepted that it’s quite a challenge to provide high standards of customer service. Some are saying that we haven’t been educated for it. Such observation is justified by stating that late Edwardian and Victorian times, there are less people who are working in the service industry. What was major employment sector back in the days dwindled into almost nothing.

While we can’t deny that such thing happens, employment increased in sales, manufacturing, information technology, administration as well as social sciences. With this being said, more and more people are called for in the service industry. In this case, customer service to accommodate and provide solutions to the unique needs of people who patronize services and products in these sectors.

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