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How to Examine and Get the Best Video Editing Storage Solutions

Technology in terms of storage capacity is a key thing for a video producer to check first before starting any film project. Currently, RAID systems have become common since they provide a backup of the most recent of substantial data for incase of errors in the video production, the editor does not have to worry about. There are various rundowns which are available for the filmmakers according to their preference and needs. As a filmmaker, you need to have sufficient knowledge about the various video editing solutions before narrowing down to the best which you are going to use. You will find this task being a simple task for you once you understand the various storage systems that are currently there together with their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, this article is going to show you how to examine and come up with the best video editing storage solutions for your film production project.

The first thing is for you to know the format you need and the space requirement for your film production task. During the shooting or video capturing process, the format of video films that you are going to use is typical and the key determinant for the space requirement. There are many video formats where you are likely to get some with high storage requirements due to high quality while others with a low storage requirement. You are needed to seek advice from some solutions over the format you are going to use to fit your storage requirements. Afterward, you need now to make a note of the bandwidth of the codecs you prefer. There is every reason for you not to skip this step since it determines the end quality and also space utilization. Editing multiplayer projects requires an increase in the bandwidth which you need to know.

Now we are going to look at the 3.5 tested drive solutions which are ideal for desktop users due to their capabilities among other benefits they come along with. You will find that among many solutions that are there for video editing, these are the most decent solutions for you which never fails easily. You will find some models ranging up to 150mb/s which have among the highest storage capabilities of up to 6TB. Also, another benefit of such drives is that they provide large storages with minimal costs hence being highly affordable.

A new kid in the market is the SSD which is the acronym for solid-state disks that run easily on the operating system you are using and supports a number of the video editing apps developed. The main disadvantage of this storage solution is that they are very expensive per storage unit but very faster in operation. Their technology is growing very fast since many people are tired of the HDD technology, which it is inconvenient due to speed and unreliability at some point. The SSD is very fast which can run up to 540mb/s and they don’t have moving parts.

Another solution is the external hard disks drives which are good for the location footage but have a great concern when it comes to overall speed and the footage speeds. The greatest aspect of the external hard disk drives that makes it become preferred is due to its mobility.

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