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Benefits of Mangrove in the Environment

Did you know that there are great advantages or benefits does the mangroves bring to the environment? Climate is changing due to some pollution that people bring to nature. Thus, the natural healing of nature will not take place due to the wrong habits of people and at the same time cutting that important respirator of the earth which is the tree. Mangrove is also a good respirator of the earth. It has more than faster to sink carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that will lessen the heat of the earth. Now let us talk about what are the things that the mangrove can give to the environment.

Aside from the fact that the mangrove is being the habitat of all marine animals, they can give more like that. Mangrove is being the house not only by the marine ecosystem or animals but also by the birds. Some of the birds make some home to the mangrove and it is very good for they are so many foods under the mangrove. It is the best spot that the bird will stay and rest for the rest of the day.

Next is that mangrove will help the environment reduce the heat by sinking carbon dioxide into the sea bed. It is faster than those trees in the forest that is why it is very important that you will not cut the mangroves in your area. If you are going to cut the mangrove, the carbon sink that is being stored for how many years will be released to the atmosphere and it will add up to the carbon dioxide present that will cause the rising of temperature in the world and in that place. Do not forget and put it in your mind that the mangrove will help the environment a lot but it can cause more damage also if it is being cut down.

Then it will keep the storm surge will not go to the house or community. The mangrove is a shield for those who are behind it. It will not allow the big waves during stormy days will pass through the other side of it. If there is a house on the other side of the mangrove then it will be protected from big waves caused by the strong wind or storm. That is why it is very important that you will be able to keep the mangrove alive and plant more of it so that you will be protected from any waves coming from the sea.

Last but not least is not it will give a cold temperature to the surrounding places where the mangrove is being located.

In summary, all those mentioned above are just some of those benefits that the mangrove can give to the environment. In the end, it is the people’s choice if they want to experience this kind of benefits that the mangrove can bring to their life. It is their final decision then will vary at the need.

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