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What is the Right Action towards Climate Change?

This is the most present and imminent danger that is standing before us – climate change. People are otherwise occupied by another problem on a daily basis that the issue of climate change is hardly seen or even touched. Not to mention that almost 75 percent of the world is now experiencing utter and ongoing panic due to the spread of this deadly virus identified as COVID-19.

Due to these rapid transitions that are actively happening around the world, people are more susceptible to become forgetful and oblivious. Climate change is the real deal. Soon enough when the pandemic is over, climate change will remain as the danger that looms before us. It is inevitable and at this rate that people are going, Earth’s decay to utter destruction is hastened through the ongoing and rapid changes brought by climate change. It will be the end of everything.

The thing about climate change is, unlike natural calamities which most of the time unforeseen or abrupt, natural, climate change is man-made. Human beings are the greatest destroyer of the earth and we have brought climate change in our own habitation causing the natural process of things to change, a little bit more each day. It’s alarming when you tried to bury your nose in the issue that is climate change. If you care enough for the future generation and for the life to come on this planet you need to act on saving earth now and mitigate climate change.

Sadly, climate change is irreversible and neither is it undoable. We just need to live according to it and take measures and actions plan to lessen and decrease the piling issues that cause climate change. One of the main reasons we have climate change today is because of the Greenhouse effect. The Greenhouse effect is the accumulated pollution and heat in the atmosphere of the earth. Making the ozone layer develop a hole, causing the arctic region to start to melt and thaw.

The great white North will cease to exist sooner when its blocks of ice are done melting. The Earth will be covered in water and this alone can erase human life and drive us towards our own extinction. Now is the time to be more alarmed and aware. Now is the time to make your contribution. Now is the time for you to make a move and inspire your community to gear towards a solid action plan against the growing and imminent issue and problems on climate change. Now is the best time for you to step up because there is no next time if an action plan won’t be set forth.

Stop thinking you still have time. There aren’t any and it keeps on decreasing the more you ignore the real danger. If you care enough for the people around you and if you care enough for Earth, your home, you need to think about a thorough action plan to breathe more life and borrow more time.

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