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Going on a tour isn’t just for people who are visiting a certain place for the first time. Even though most of the people who book tours are tourists it doesn’t have to be so. You’ll be surprised at the number of things and places in your town you aren’t aware of. Also, you may be seeing certain monuments or places for the first time every day but have no idea about the history behind them. This is why you need to book private tours. They are actually more affordable than you would have thought, especially in Washington DC.

Another reason why private tours are a good idea is the fact that you get to decide who to hang out with. It is indeed exciting to meet new people on tour but it is not a cup of tea for everyone. Sometimes it can make you nervous and if it turns out they are not people you particularly find it easy to interact with it will not be the best thing for you. For this reason, it is better to go for private tours because you can control who gets to attend them with you. When you are familiar with the participants it will be easier for you to relax and enjoy the tour.

Also, private tours will give you exclusive experiences. Even though you may be able to put together a tour with the help of tour companies you are less likely to cover everything. This is why it is important for you to get them involved if you want to have unique experiences. If it is a wine tasting event you can prepare to have a private tasting or even a private luncheon with the chef of a restaurant you really like. Even private walking tours will take you through more than just pointing to a specific place and giving you a brief outline of the history.

In addition, private tours will bring to your attention the things you didn’t even know you had the details wrong or you didn’t know. Researching different places and even things is now quite easy thanks to the internet but you won’t be able to get everything. Especially concerning historical events, some details are not published and that is why you need people who have gotten the information from people who witnessed history happen to take you through that. That is how you get to know what you didn’t know about.

In addition, you can plan the tour however you want. You don’t have to stick to the cookie cutter plan a lot of tour planners will hand over to you which means you can enjoy the tour to the maximum. You can even make special requests and since you will not be inconveniencing anyone they will be granted. This may not be the case when you are going for the tour with strangers who are pretty inflexible when it comes to what they want. On the same note, you get to pick your own dates and even a time when it comes to when the tour will be happening.

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