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What to Look For In a Dog Daycare

Many people think that taking a dog to daycare is extravagant but for pet parents, it makes a lot of sense. While in the daycare, the dog will run around and play with other dogs, burn the energy and return home happy and socialized. However, today this has become the trend. It appears like new dog daycares are emerging all over the place. But, not all of them are similar in terms of their services. Veterinary, trainers and groomers provide day boarding just as pet stores, retailers and boutique facilities do. Some people even provide daycare services from their homes. Before you drop your dog off at any daycare facility, have a look at what you need to be keen on when looking for a daycare facility.

Ensure that you conduct your initial assessments. Do not just drop off your dog and go. You and your dog must go to the daycare for an initial assessment. Not every facility will be a good fit for all dogs because of individual personalities. If the daycare facility hinders you from doing an assessment, you must insist on doing one or you can proceed to look for other daycare facilities. The rest of the dogs at the daycare facility may not have a similar energy to your dog during your initial visit so; you need to introduce your dog to the other dogs slowly and safely.

The facility must be neat and tidy. Do not have expectations that the daycare facility will be clean that you can eat off the floor; nevertheless, it should be neat and have a decent smell. Carefully look around the facility to ensure that accidents are cleared up promptly. Also, the rest of the dogs must appear healthy.

Consider if they have insurance and bonding. The dog daycare facility must be bonded and insured. In case something happens to your dog or if your dog damages while in their care, the facility must have insurance to cover for the damages. You will not have to stress over medical costs or property damage moreover if you are not there to see the actual happenings.

Check on their supervision and employees. Who will be in charge of your dog during the daytime? Will, your dog be trained by a professional? An excellent dog daycare facility will have adequate supervision to maintain good manners when the dogs are playing. A supervisor must be in charge of the dogs at all times.

Look out for their experience and control. These factors go together with supervision and staff. Ensure that you inquire from the facility to find out the years that the daycare has been in operation, control measures that they have put in place, and the experience they have working with dogs. Ask around from neighbors and friends two of the most highly recommended businesses.

Lastly, put into consideration size counts. Find out if your dog will have sufficient room to play and run around both indoors and outdoors. Your dog should have enough space to run around when it is off-leash. For an outdoor space, it should be enough for your dog to perform its activities. The daycare facility you settle for must have a large and Safe Space for the dog to play and have fresh air.

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