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Top Reasons to Try Whiskey Tours

Whiskey is one of the most interesting beverages in the world. There is not one single flavor or type of whiskey that you can try out there. With whiskey, you have a wide array of flavors, styles, single malts, blends, single barrels, corn, small batch, rye, Tennessee, Scottish, Irish, and so much more. Reading these variations, your head will truly spin. A whiskey tour is one of the best activities that you can do to help learn more about whiskey and the many flavors it has to offer. With whiskey tours, you can enjoy a range of activities to learn more about whiskey from whiskey tastings and so much more.

Whiskey distillery tours are becoming a popular activity that a lot of companies offer. To be sure that you are getting the best whiskey tour out there, you need to take the time to learn what each distillery offers you. If you are thinking of going on these tours, here are some interesting things you can learn and do during whiskey tours.

One of the best things about whiskey tours is doing whiskey tastings. With these tours, you can taste all types of whiskeys that you don’t usually buy. Often, people don’t give tasting different whiskey bottles a try because some of the best stuff tend to be more expensive. On the contrary, a lot of people are not that adventurous about buying bottles of whiskey with the fear that they will not enjoy their first glass. Though you can mix it up with your cocktail, your cocktail will still taste so much better if you prefer the liquor taste you put in it. By going on a whiskey tour, you can do whiskey tasting as many times as you like across whiskey bottles without feeling pressured to buy them.

Doing side-by-side whiskey comparisons is another perk when you go on a whiskey tour. Maybe you are not so sure if you prefer single malt or blended malt or scotch or bourbon. The thing about whiskey tours is that you can figure all of these things out yourself as you compare the taste of each whiskey type that you sample. In terms of whiskey taste, only you can pinpoint which whiskey you favor.

If you want to learn as much as you can about whiskey, you need to ask as many questions as you want about this drink. With whiskey tours, you can ask as many stupid questions as you want. Whiskey snobs are most common at your friend’s house or even at a bar. You often feel uncomfortable asking about the whiskey you are drinking when these people around. During whiskey tours, you will not worry about asking these questions yourself.

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