What Almost No One Knows About

The Dangerous Drugs that will Greatly Affect Your Health.

Drug problem is highly reported all over the country but there are drugs that are abused that have far-reaching effects. If you do not know what these dangerous drugs are then you should keep on reading. The general population knows a thing or two about heroin but very few of them are aware of black tar heroin. You have to be informed about this because it’s purity is not the best yet it is being sold. Black tar heroin is also known as Chiva or Mexican Tar. It is heavily cut which is not a good thing. Basically, the heroin is mixed with other drugs. The dealers will not care to tell you the other drugs which have been nixed with the heroin hence the danger of not being in control of what you are taking. In addition, you cannot inject the black tar heroin or even smoke it. There is an acid in which it should be dissolved in so that it can be used. Therefore, you will be compromising your health even further by taking it, even more than it would be the case were to take pure heroin.

Another of dangerous drugs is Foxy Methoxy which is basically a hallucinogenic. It makes people hear things which are a product of their imagination. You will be hearing things which are not being spoken to you. You will still have to deal with the side effects even when the drug wears off which makes it even more dangerous. It also makes you feel, taste, see and also smell things that are non-existent. It is dangerous to take this substance because you are not in control of the purity levels. A lot of dealers will lace the drug with other substances and you will not be able to tell the difference by looking at it. There is a newcomer that is even more dangerous that goes by the name Benzo Fury. It even more dangerous because it can be obtained legally. It is clearly labeled “not for human consumption” hence the loophole. Those who use it do not care about this warning though. It is a stimulant as well as a hallucinogen.

Benzo Fury is very potent and addictive and it will wear off after 14 hours. Those who overdose on Benzo Fury will record a very high blood pressure not forgetting the tendency to self-harm and in serious cases, people will die. The side effects hit on a higher level if you mix this drug with alcohol. It is not hard to order it online but if you frequent nightclubs you can obtain it there. Fentanyl is also on this list and besides being dangerous it is an addictive drug. This synthetic opioid is 100 times as potent as morphine.

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