What college should I go to for fashion design?

Question by Lilian: What college should I go to for fashion design?
I thinking about college but I don’t know where to go. I really want to get in to fashion design and maybe start my own company but I don’t have a clue to where i could go. I was thinking either going to a school in San Francisco, LA, Arizona, Alabama, New York, or maybe vermont. I also want to do cosmetology or nails to pay for things through college. Any tips or ideas? Thanks. Also I get A’s B’s and C’s for grades if that helps?

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Answer by Chris
I’m not sure about fashion design, but I’m quite confident that getting into cosmetology school would not be a problem with your grades! A lot of cosmetology schools prefer to accept student applicants who live near the school and aren’t big on relocation, so you might want to narrow your focus to places near you for now, but the best thing to do is find schools near you here: http://www.beautyschoolsdirectory.com/find/form.php and request information from them so you can talk to the admissions reps and get all your questions answered.

Cosmetology school takes about 9 to 12 months depending on your state’s licensing requirements, so it’s fast to get through and get started working in a real salon. A great cosmetology school should teach you about hairstyling, nail technology, esthetics and skin care, and a bit of makeup artistry. You will typically get in-class lectures, work from the textbooks, and eventually you will get hands-on experience in an in-school salon working on real clients. The students in beauty school classes tend to end up being very close friends after learning together for so long! The average comprehensive cosmetology program costs between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 – but what’s included in that tuition varies from school to school. Be sure to ask your admissions representatives if textbooks, cosmetology kits, mannequin heads or uniforms are included n the price, and also ask if they offer financial aid.

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