How do I paint a fashion design in watercolor?

Question by purple71: How do I paint a fashion design in watercolor?
I’ve never done fashion design before but it was required for my art class and I’m having a lot of trouble. First of all, how do I make the dress shape so it looks like the croquis is actually wearing it? And secondly, how do I use watercolor to paint the lights and darks? If the croquis has her hand on her hip and one leg slightly forward, where do the shadows go to make the folds from her legs?

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Answer by Cate
Keep things simple in shape, there’s really no one exact process of doing it. Experiment and really take the time to practice. YOU NEED GOOD REFERENCE if you do not know how to do something. Go online and find pictures to study from. Heres a good reference to look at. Hope that helps some…

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